Administration and management services

OMTTIC offers business assessment and the formulation and integration of personalized plans in terms of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Accountable
  • Fiscal


Innovation management

  • Application of the innovation model of the company
  • Consultancy for financial authorization
  • Services for technology management, transference, and commercialization
  • Entailment services. Assessment and support in the elaboration and negotiation of contracts I+D+i between the private and academic sector
  • Administration of projects. We have with an office for projects that use knowledge, abilities, tools, and techniques to successfully manage any project.



Specialized capacitation in the following fields:

  • Copyright
  • Innovation management
  • Finances


Intellectual and juridical property

  • Copyright management. Copyright protection with the Instituto Mexicano de Propiedad Intlectual (IMPI) [Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property] and the Instituto Nacional de Derecho de Autor (INDAUTOR) [National Institute of Copyright]
  • Assessment and support about the products of I+D+i: industrial and intellectual property (patent, utility models, brands, software, etc.)
  • Juridical management. Professional assessment in legal and juridical matters, data protection and company establishment


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