About us

We are an integrator element of the innovation agents, our objective is to join together the organizations generators of ideas and knowledge for projects execution of I+D+i that improve the productivity of a variety of sectors, and benefits the community, by offering the service of transferring and commercialization of technology.



To be a value generator agent trough the management of knowledge and innovation, organizer of the innovation agents, and science culture promotor in Mexico.



To be a Technology and Knowledge Transference office recognized into a national level by the services of Innovation Management, maintaining a trustful relationship of the three axis: academic sector, business sector and Government, that help to the grow and develop of Mexico.



Our objective is the integration of agents to an innovation ecosystem to accomplish a transformation bond of the projects between different institutions who are in the search of solutions for their own innovation services. Therefore, positioning OMTTIC as a leader company in its field, in technology transference and commercialization

Strategic lines

OMTTIC has defined three main lines of develop focus in the following fields:

Transversely are the information technologies, from where emerge sub-lines of development such as:


Innovation management model

The innovation management model is a methodology that will allow to the entrepreneur to follow a work guideline from the original idea until its commercialization.

The model have five steps, are: Idea, Concept, Commercial Prototype, and Commercialization

Innovation ecosystem

This ecosystem is constituted for all the companies, universities and the public sector interrelated to generate innovation in the country.

Project generator companies

Support Companies